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Introducing a new midsize truck bed rack that will enable owners to fully utilize their truck with ease.

Designed for contractors, home DIY projects and outdoor enthusiasts.

Designed to fold up when not in use and can easily be removed without tools.

The bed carrier alone allows for the hauling of the following items completely supported and flat:

4′ X 8′ Sheeting
Up to 10′ Lumber
Up to 10′ Kayaks
Up to 10′ Ladders

The bed carrier with additional ladder rack allows for hauling of these additional sizes:

  Up to 14′ Lumber and/or Tubing
Up to 14′ Kayaks
Up to 14′ Ladders

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removable truck ladder rack

Bed Rack with optional ladder rack in open/ready to load position. Bed Rack locks into position using a combination of existing bed notches, turnbuckles to existing tie downs and custom bar supports that lets you install without any tools needed. Bed rack is held in correct height position by utilizing existing bed notches and rear legs supported by tailgate.

aluminum truck racks

Bed rack with optional ladder addition in closed position ready to be transported.

Compact design that folds completely into the bed of your truck when not in use and is locked into position.

removable truck racks 1

Bed rack with optional ladder addition loaded with 4' X 8' sheeting and 12' boards.

truck racks that work with tonneau covers 2

4' X 8' sheeting loaded, shown with optional ladder rack but can be loaded and hauled without.

Ladder rack nice for truck

Bed rack with optional ladder rack in open position loaded with 10' ladder. Will fit up to 14' ladders.

tonneau covers with ladder racks 15

8' Kayaks loaded

truck racks for kayaks

Kayaks moved to show how 10' would fit